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Crazy price on all stock including SRCC OG-100 certified solar hot waters, tube collectors, tanks, valves, AI controllers, pump etc, from our warehouse, in Pomona, CA,as low as factory price, something you can not miss out! Contact us now for more info.

When choosing a solar collector, selecting the correct size is important. To find out what size collector you need please click here. Once you have determined what size collector...
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About Us
Hot Group Ltd, located in Haining city,Zhejiang ,China, excels in designing, developing and manufacturing all types of vacuum tube solar thermal collectors and solar water heaters. We have high tech equipment and professional experts to supply high quality solar projects consultation services. Taking advantage of Haining’s position of China’s solar center, we enjoy great competitiveness regarding material supply... more>>
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Evacuated tubes
Evacuated tubes are the absorber of the solar water heater. They absorb solar energy converting it into heat for use in water heating. They have already been used for......
Heat pipe
Heat pipe is not something new, only its concept, we are using it everyday. For instance, a laptop computers using small heat pipe to conduct heat away from the.....
SCM-L Apply to commercial and swimming pool water heating SCM-L is absolutely one of our patent and pride.   In US and Canada, some farms need a large quantity of hot water, the sam... read more>>
SYF-P, compact non-pressure     Model Number        Tube Specification        Tube Coating  &nb... read more>>
SFCT, split pressurized system for Residential A solar water heating system includes three parts, it is collector, water tank and pump station. This system can do more than just producing hot wat... read more>>
This is a split pressurized thermal collector, adopting vacuum tube heat pipe technology, is widely used for residential water heating, it's easy to install the tubes. Daily output of each tube is m... read more>>
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